From €100,00

Duration: 60 min.

This relaxing and enveloping massage offers you a reconnection between your body, mind and spirit. Ideal for releasing stress and all your muscle tension. A powerful boost to refresh and recharge.


From €85.00

Duration: 60 min.

This draining and detoxifying massage favors blood and lymphatic circulation, improves immune responses, relaxes muscle fibers and relieves tension and stress. Ideal for those who want to combine muscle and mental relaxation with detoxification and reduced fluid retention in your body.

From €105.00

Duration: 60 min.

This massage with deep rhythmic pressure relieves stress, muscle pain and awakens the senses. The ideal massage for you who want to release tension and reduce muscle fatigue.


From €60.00

Duration: 30 min.

This massage located on the back, legs or shoulders and head, relaxing and involving or with deep rhythmic pressure, relieves stress, muscle pain and awakens your senses.

From €105.00

Duration: 45 min.

From €125.00

Duration: 75 min.

This body massage, or spot massage, offers you unique therapeutic and aesthetic effects, combining the powers of Spirulina with SUTA Spirulina Technology hemp oil. During your treatment, you will experience the unique benefits of a heated Spirulina massage that will treat your muscle pain, joint pain, inflammation and deeply moisturize your skin.